Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Rockman Fix: EXE6 Beast Link

"What?" I hear you say. "This is madness!"

You're quite right.

However, for a short while, there was talk of a game not unlike this one being released, and, of all places, in the US.

Now, my extensive research (read: two Google searches) has not yielded any information as to whether or not this game ever existed, even in Japan. So, what do we know?

-It would include a Gate of some kind and use chips (presumably Link). The game may or may not have been contained in the Gate.
-It would require the Gate for play.
-The game would be a remake of EXE6, battles only.
-The release date was October '06, _only a month_ after it was announced.

So, what happened to it? My best guess is that Capcom realized that EXE6 and a Beast Link Gate did everything that this new game would do and more and that porting it to the US would be extremely cost-prohibitive. As such, they canned the project.

Now, the real question: what happened to the TGS demo and is it on Bittorrent yet? XD

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