Thursday, March 27, 2008

What If: Newcomer!

Rated PG for minor Subspace Emissary spoilers and Smashtastic violence.

*black screen, SSBB Mario on Battlefield slowly fades in. Pikachu appears and they fight for a while... then, the camera zooms out and becomes all horizontal-line-y- we're watching someone watching them.*

Mysterious Female Voice: So, Admiral, what do you think?
Mysterious Rough Male Voice: I don't like it... but it's our best option. We don't want to break off diplomatic relations, especially not with them.
Female: Is that your approval?
Male: *pause* Yes. Send the order.
Female: Sending now. Oh, and Admiral?
Male: Yes?
Female: I'll be joining him.
Male: Do you really think that's wise? The Cole Protocol-
Female: I know what the Cole Protocol says, but this is five hundred years before first contact!
Male: *pause* You're right. Just try not to screw up your own creation, okay?
Female: Will do. Transferring now. Best of luck here, Admiral.
Male: Don't get in over your head.
Female: I won't have to worry about that.

*camera cuts to a squarish dark green ship the size of the Halberd warping in right next to the Halberd above the island with the Subspace Bomb factory, forcing both ships off course. Meta Knight zips onto the other ship, looking around. There are two ROBs planting a Subspace Bomb. Meta Knight sees the timer running out and jumps off the ship. As the timer runs down to thirty seconds, a humanoid blur dashes out of the ship and to the bomb, grabbing it and jumping off the ship with it.*

Female: What the hell are you doing?

*the camera cuts below the humanoid blur now crouching on top of the bomb. The distinctive guitar slide from "Rock Anthem for Saving the World" plays as time stops and we see who it is- Newcomer: Master Chief.*

Chief: Giving those robots back their bomb.

*the Chief pushes off, sending the bomb flying down as it explodes. He grabs onto the top of the sinking ship from which he emerged and dashes across, barely outrunning the explosion. He crosses onto the Halberd and comes face to face with Meta Knight. The Spartan takes out a plasma grenade, arming it.*

Female (Cortana): Bet you can't stick it.
Chief: You're on.

*the shrieking music from the Halo 2 trailer plays and we cut to black. "Super Smash Bros. Brawl". "Start a new fight". "March 2008".*

Notes: In case you didn't figure it out, the guy at the beginning was Admiral Hood. I tried to work in the "permission to leave the station" line, but it just didn't fit.

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