Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Catching Up: The Best Weapon Ever

When last we left MegaMatt, he had just barely emerged victorious over Air Man.

All right! Air Shooter GET! Wait, Air Shooter? I thought the weapons were all like "A. Fire" or "S. DaWhoop" or "E. Fail" and such... Now I don't get to make my joke about the Personal Shooter!

Oh, wait! Something else! I must get my weapons ready! And... Item 2? Don't you just /love/ these descriptive names? I mean, AIR Shooter? That sounds /really/ intimidating. Ah well. Hopefully Item-2 is an electromagnetic pulse bomb or something. Whatever. *gets password, goes to Metal Man's stage and opens up menu*

Okay, what's P? *selects* Okay, that's the Mega Buster. Wait... P? It really IS the Personal Shooter! XD

*gets to the boss*

All right, let's DO this! LEEEEROY MEGAMANZ!

*runs forward and into a Metal Blade, killing himself*

All right, let's do this again! LEEEEROY MEGA-

*gets killed again*

All right, that's it!

*gets the giant Covenant Space-Pickle-I-Mean-Bomb from Halo 2 in the Guardian Ship from ZX and re-enacts the incredibly awesome cutscene, only targeting Metal Man's boss room*

Now THAT's how you take out a boss. None of this epic fail P. Shooter business.

Get... equipped... with... m-... metal... bl-.. blade? Metal Blade? Looks more like a Rolling Cutter to me, but what do I know?

*goes to Heat Man's stage*

All right, let's give this Metal Thing a try. *equips and shoots a few enemies* Huh. Not bad at all. Great ammo use, pretty strong... If this thing could shoot up, it'd be epic awesome. Say, I never tried that Item-2 thing. *equips and creates a platform* Better remember this. This could be very useful later.

*later, at the disappearing blocks over insta-death lava*

I do NOT want to do this. But fear not, for there... is a CHEAT!

*uses Item-2 to fly over the lava and to the other side*

I love you, Item-2.

*gets to boss*

In retrospect, I probably should have stopped by Bubble Man's stage first. But then again, with a name like Bubble Man, how useful can his item be? *remembers EXE BubbleMan* Pretty darn useful, I'd imagine. *pwned by boss*

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