Friday, March 28, 2008

Rockman Fix: Network Transmission

I picked up a copy of MegaMan Network Transmission today... for five bucks. My thoughts: best value ever.

Why Network Transmission?


Oh, look, a new MMBN game! I love these games! Wait, is it? It has Network, but there's no Battle. Is this a more peaceful game? Dunno. I'll rent it later.


Oh, look, that new MMBN game! I love these games! *grabs, rents*

Okay, let's rock! Battle routine, set! Exe- *falls off cliff* Whuh?


That's pretty much it. In fact, I couldn't even clear the first level. So, with one and a half classic games and the infinitely-more-valuable five dollar bill under my belt, I figured I'd give it another shot.

The first thing I noticed was the return of the good old EXE anthem. I hadn't realized just how much I'd missed it until it showed up again.

The second thing I noticed was that I had to flip the controls. I don't know if Control Types A and B are MMAC-flipped, but if they aren't and I have to play backwards, then I think that's grounds for revoking my Rockman Fan license.

Also, somebody flipped the internet to a vertically-structured sidescroller overnight. I wonder, is there a switch somewhere on a giant Internet server in SciLab labeled "RPG", "Sidescroller", and "However the heck you want to classify Battle Chip Challenge"?

Capcom must have reached three games into the future (timeline-wise- NT takes place between EXE1 and 2) to grab the MolassesShoes. Rock can jump, sure, but he can't grab on to ledges (yet another ebil plot by Dr. Hikari), and ALL of the platforms are a pixel too high to jump onto.

Rock also has downgraded the Rock Buster to the Personal Shooter. No charge or rapid for you. At least the P. Shooter let you have three shots on screen- no matter where they are, on-screen or otherwise, you still have the same long recoil time.

Also, if you thought MetWave was useless in the tic-tac-toe dance of death battle system, try using it in a freaking SIDESCROLLER. It doesn't go off ledges- no, that'd be too useful. It stops at ledges. Now, consider this. Most enemies are either flying/hovering, rendering it completely ineffective, or standing there shooting at you, hitting you and breaking the chip before you can use it.

Good news: The bomb series is extremely useful now. Got a virus below you? Bombs away!

Unfortunately, though they may be auto-pilot for awesome, swords are now useful only in an opposite-element-to-boss-death-run because their reach is pitiful, even LongSword.

So, what have I been using? In true anime fashion, the most useful chips are the Shotgun class. The most useful chip I've run into so far has been the chip 3-Way (bow chika wow wow), which is basically V-Gun on steroids. Serious steroids.

More impressions as I proceed.

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