Saturday, March 29, 2008

You can haz n3tb477l3 gidez.

10-Step Guide to Tournament Netbattling

Step 1: Get enough friends, family, and/or complete strangers to have a tournament. This is probably the hardest part.
Step 2: Get two Gamecubes, two Game Boy Players, two TVs, a link cable, two Wavebirds, and two chairs.
Step 3: Either get two copies of the appropriate game or arrange for the contestants to bring their own.
Step 4: Get a REALLY big sheet of paper and draw a tournament bracket. Bonus points for witty comments.
Step 5: Pick some appropriate music.
Step 6: Give each contestant a Navi emblem, nickname, or something to identify them by as they advance in the bracket.
Step 7: Run out at the last minute and buy prizes.
Step 8: Teach the contestants about the game, if necessary and if you feel like it.
Step 9: Cheese out your folder.
Step 10: Pwn those n00bs.

5-Step Guide to Pwning at Otarockman

Step 1: Figure out which game they're using. THIS IS CRITICAL.
Step 2: Take a folder from the RFF. If the game is EXE2/6, pick Gater/USE THIS and skip to step 4.
Step 3: Throw in Recovery 300, Forte Another, Life Aura, and as many Program Advances as possible.
Step 4: Go to Otarockman.
Step 5: Pwn.


Anonymous said...

"Step 1: Figure out which game they're using. THIS IS CRITICAL."

I always thought that it was optional. Hm... Maybe that's why I always am shunned at Battle Network tournaments. I could of sworn the Big Heart appeared in Battle Network 5.

Nice one, MegaMatt.

MegaMatt SP said...


Believe me, I learned this from experience. Having an awesome EXE3 folder will not help you at an EXE4 tournament. XD

Maybe when I get my GBA-with-a-wireless-adapter-that-connects-to-the-internet up again, we can have an official RMS EXE tournament over the intrawebz.