Saturday, March 22, 2008

Miscellaneous Observations II

I believe I have officially created the most hated SSBB stage ever. It's basically a whole bunch of falling blocks over spikes.

Also, one of my friends took my ego down two or twelve notches yesterday. Unfortunately, I am not the DigitalPh33r nor the Asakura Yoh of Brawl. Ah well.

Flash once said to me that Yoh gets way too much credit. I think he's probably right. Yoh can build some great folders, yeah, but for me, EXE (and every game, really) isn't about using what everyone else uses (I'm looking right at you, Gater). It's about finding what works for you. Take my experience with Crossed Blades. I just couldn't get that folder to work; it didn't mesh with me. So I changed it around a bit and we have Data Drain, the folder that got me second place at OtaRock. And no, I'm never going to let you guys forget that. (Please... I have so little to be proud of... )

Oh yeah, I beat Classic on Brawl on Intense. So nyah.

Got Geometry Wars for the DS the other day. Pretty good game overall, although a tad repetitive. And to anyone interested in it, get the Turret drone first. You _need_ the Turret for the higher levels.

I remember back when we had to use blanks from Pokemon Aaah! to make decent custom Pokemon cards. Now they've got Magic Set Editor and that stuff... Meh. Get off my Grass Stage.

It's really surreal playing through EXE6 in Japanese, because just when you think you know what's going on, it throws you a curveball. The maps are awesome and extremely useful, especially in the Ura Net, and I'm not used to the redrawn areas.

Ages ago, I remember someone on GFAQS (RykenInverse, I think his name was) extolling the superiority of the original Japanese versions. Maybe if you can read Japanese. The only thing that I like about the Japanese version is that it has BLG support. That's freaking _it_. I can't read anything, so I have to carry a guide around with me everywhere just to know which button breathes, which defeats the whole "portability" issue. Speaking of portability, who takes the ginormous BLG and a decent selection of chips with them on the road? Flash probably does, but I bet he has three complete Link sets (:P), and I can't afford to lose any of mine. Except WideBlade and LongBlade. Those chips are _awesome_. Three uses, one-hundred-something damage, and great area coverage, especially with Rock Beast Outed.

Back on topic, though, what does the Japanese version have going for it? Maps, which are useless if I don't know where I'm supposed to go; the Django chips, which are 180-something damage Moko Rushes; and the original area maps, which is such a big deal. ZOMG.


Sorry Japanese-version fans, I prefer being able to read what the heck I'm supposed to do over being hardcore.

Non sequitur: I wonder if I'll be able to come up with a rant like that if I ever get on ELB. Meh, they'd just have to mention EXE4. XD

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