Friday, March 21, 2008

Beast Link Gate (and a few miscellaneous) Observations

I just discovered today that you can press L or R when you have a gauge of blue or higher to open the Custom Window. This is extremely useful because you can use it to combine your virtual folder with the chips you have lying around. Downside: no attaching virtual powerups to real chips. Don't know if it works the other way around, though.

Rock: Okay! Let's do this!
Lan: *car drives by, crushing all his chips* O.O WRYYYYYYYYY?!

Speaking of WRYYYY, doesn't Fox's Final Smash look like the steamroller move? And what about Meta Knight's? And Luigi's? Three characters (counting the Star Fox characters as one, since that's more or less what they are) have Final Smashes ripped off from JoJo's Bizarre Adventure.

And speaking of Brawl, the music in that game is phenomenal.

Back on topic, I've been barely using the real chips anymore. The virtual chips don't run out of energy and I barely need chips anyway. I just beat JudgeMan and, let me tell you, I could probably have done it with just the concentrated pwnage that is the Falzar BeastBuster.

Ugh, I hate how those chips run out of energy. I have to plug out every few minutes to get all my Navi chips back.

Back in the days of Style Changes, I was always a Guts man (lolpun) myself, but the BLG has changed that. Now I reach for a refreshing Colonel SP.

Colonel SP: better than MetReflect. Not that that says much. (Sorry, all you MetReflect lovers, but I only ever found one use for it: the ever-present Chip Trader.)

Back on topic, though, I've really become a Navi summon addict. I've used ProtoMan SP when I'm fighting like three Mets. I'm not kidding.

When do you unlock the Navi Change Table? Just looks like a table to me... I want to play as TenguMan! Well, not especially, since it'd mean giving up my Falzar Rock, but still...

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