Friday, March 14, 2008

I can't beat Solid Snake!

(Parody lyrics of I Can't Beat Air Man, easily viewable on YouTube)

I come to realize
I find myself just standing at the start
Then I always fade away at the very same end

With belief in my heart
I try my best to use B-Up attack but
Can't help myself from falling down to death

If I only had the item named Smash Ball
It'd knock him off the stage short and easy

I fight him many times
Many, many times, but

Solid Snake just cannot be defeated, why?
No matter how I try, 'Nade Launcher is blocking my way
Go for a chance from in front, trap him next to wall
But sooner or later I'll be blown away

Went for the endless push, however forever
With his grenades there's NO WAY

To win the next fight, the next final one
So, Smash Ball is the last thing I'll hold on to

I can't beat Solid Snake!!


What prompted this? Having to fight Snake four freaking times before I managed to beat him and unlock him. I did actually beat him, but not before writing this.

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