Monday, February 25, 2008

RPG Update: Character Class

Character Classes

As I mentioned before, every PC has a Combat Class and a Character Class. The Character Class grants bonuses to the four principal stats of the RPG--

Wait, what do you mean you don't know about the stats? Super-rare double update time, then!



There are four primary stats in the RPG. These are power, defense, accuracy, and speed. Both Combat and Character Classes affect the first two, Combat affects accuracy, and speed is decided by the Character Class.


Now then, back to our regularly-scheduled update.

The Character Classes are, as of this point in time:

Team: Medium power, high defense, low speed
Custom: Medium power, low defense, high speed
Guts: High power, medium defense, low speed
Shield: Low power, high defense, medium speed
Shadow: Low power, medium defense, high speed
Ground: High power, low defense, medium speed

The two Classes are often combined into one phrase, called a Style, such as BombGuts or SwordCustom.



Calculating Your Style's Stats

For every 'high', give the stat 3 points. For 'medium', give the stat 2, and for 'low', give it 1 point. Do this for each stat, adding together the individual power and defense values. Then assign each number to a value on this chart:

6: OVER 9000- er, massively high
5: extremely high
4: very high
3: high
2: medium
1: low

For example, let's calculate out SwordShield Style.

Sword: Medium power, medium accuracy, low defense

So, that's 2P/2A/1D/0S, short for 2 power/2 accuracy/1 defense/0 speed.

Shield: Low power, high defense, medium speed

Adding in these values makes our final style's stats 3P/2A/4D/2S, which, if you so desire, can be converted to "high power, medium accuracy, very high defense, medium speed".


Author's Notes

Never say I never update again. :D

Oh, and would you mind commenting if you read this? I'm not going to bother updating if nobody's reading the updates.

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