Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Data Drain! The Reveal

I finally found my copy of EXE6, so I figured I'd share Data Drain with you guys. This folder won me second place at OtaRockman (and telling Asakura Yoh that shut him up to some degree :D).

Data Drain!

2 Sword *
3 WideBlade B
3 LongBlade B
2 StepSword B
2 Recovery 300 Y
3 AreaGrab *
1 FullCustom *
1 LifeAura U
1 AntiNavi *
2 AntiDamage * PRESET
1 AntiSword *
3 WhiteCapsule *
1 ProtoMan *
1 ProtoMan SP B
1 Colonel *
1 Colonel SP C
1 Forte Another F

BodyGuard (or WhiteGuard)
TwinLeaders (not recommended, as it can eat up chips needed for one or two of the other PAs)

Blow Me Away -- Use LifeAura to get the opponent to waste a turn using a wind chip or switch to TenguCross. Apply swords/WhiteGuard to TenguCross for massive damage.
WhiteGuard -- BodyGuard + WhiteCapsule. Pwned. Add ProtoMan/Colonel SP at the end to double the fun, or try Forte Another for a truly memorable experience.
AreaPwn -- AreaGrab + Area Grab + ProtoMan SP. You have no chance to dodge make your healing. Ha ha ha ha.

Well, that's it. Stay tuned for an experiment in multimedia, coming... eventually. And no, StenMan, not *that*.

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